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People! - Abyssus Abyssum invocat

May. 21st, 2006 01:59 am People!

So I saw a friend or rather acquaintance on tuesday with other friends, I hadn't seen him in three months or so, we don't get along -that- well, but have known 4 years or so now and so see one another fairly regularily.
I had these health issues I told him about a bit via emails and I know, othesr told him about it a bit, and last time we'd typed to one another before that eve he was like "yes so I'll see you on sunday for the roller ride or tuesday at the movie", from that you'd think he kind of wanted to see me as it had a been a while hahah.

Well mister dummy, not only mentionned something he'd be doing on saturday (so yersteday eve) and then said something "funny" about my hair, while I had joined them after being at the pool so it was combed and nada else, I hadn't styled it lol, but also has some friend who smartly replied all including me about said saturday night thing, in his reply about another thing we'd all do on sunday tomorrow (I might explain bad but I understand myself :P), some hanging out at his place for his bday. so I was fairly annoyed about it. Rather depressed actually. Until I discussed it with guigui who was like oh but he didn't invite you because of MH (we both argued and i sweasr if I am in the same room this poor girl is in, I'll likely just blow her off or worse, and she'd likely reciprocate it, so good thinking I guess somewhat lol), and he didnt invite J. either.. I'm annoyed becasue he could have just told me that himself and I would have understood, but I understand how that's easier to say than do, too. Either way guigui and me agreed on Alex being like the worse dunce possible about that, lol, if you want not to invite someone to your party you don't mention it around them..freaking hypocritical attitude lol.
Ooook yeah my reaction is childish, the last times I went over at Alex I was bored, but I've been hyper sensitive to stuff like that lately. I should go with the "go fuck yourself idiot, not worth my worrying about it" attitude instead tho.

And the idiocy of telling someone " I hope you get better soon" as you part with them, and yet you don't invite them or tell them direclty, why you don't, to something you do days later, just mind boggles me. @_@

In good news doing a hike tomorrow with friends and some of their friends, I wuv the forest in this season and it is in an area I've not been to yet :) and I have a date with L. on thurdsday, I already feel awfully nervous about it..which is a good thing, would be more annoying if I was indifferent lol.

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