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TIRED - Abyssus Abyssum invocat

Jul. 28th, 2006 10:15 pm TIRED

still doing alright so far at the new job, (I hear rumors about how I'm doing great, I should apply for open positions and people like me, but..given how it is like there is it true) it's a company called chronopost - a bit. special.. stuff is odd there and I'm a bit too tired to develop this, but even having a professionnal experience in as many different companies as I did I must say I'm surprised by the amount of backstabbing and "hey could you tell me who is backstabbing me" I'm getting there.. and how to deal with that. Esp coming from a boss.

I'm so paranoid that, even with basically no one I know in france knowing about this blog I don't want to go too much in detail about this plus. this is my private and real, not internet, life :) I guess computers are my worse ennemies as well as best friends.
As well with having to merely, figure out what I'm supposed to do workwise, instead of being told "oh your job includes among 150 other things, this and that" at the start. I guess she thought it more important to tell me where to find stickers with ppls adresses than "oh btw yoiu need to send this updated excel worksheet to this person each week" yeeeah.. so I'd find out about it while on my own, as well as all the other ppl who either, didn't know her colleague whom i'm replacing was gone or that she'd be on a vacation, so it would both make everyone look like fools and lose time. GRR

At least I'm not bored :P

Wedding last week went well, I'm invited around either around Paris or on week-ends to the sea which is really nice. And I'm going to be a cat-sitter for a good friend next week:) I wish I was still on a vacation

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