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Boost up - Abyssus Abyssum invocat

May. 29th, 2006 06:12 pm Boost up

To all the girls here: don't you like it when you have some date to first see how it clicks with someone, you really don't know what to think about them but had a bad feeling at first and seeing how the person keeps pointing out what flaws they have, and their nervosity, helps making your opinion of them worsen.. almost like in this old "friends" episode where Rachel has this ridiculous date that was planned behind her back by Phoebe lol. Add a pinch of how -you- can overrreact to stuff because of what you've been through the past months, so you act the opposite of what you normally would be doing, at one point..the result can be surprising.
Oh and never underestimate the power of social representations and how they "format" how you consider people :P

'nuff on that. Suffice to say it is always pleasant to feel the ball was in your camp, I needed that to be able to understand several signals that came from other places.
So after that date thurdsay I had a rather quiet friday in preparation of a friend's wedding. Saturday was a rush ; B picked me up at 13h50 when he said he'd be there at 14:00.. and of course he rang right while i was trying to zip the dress I'd wear up, and of courese the zipper blocked itself then so I had to ask him to come down help me, eventually gave up as it didnt work and put something else on just packing the dress to put it on later, then on the way we had to stop at a pharmacy to get something, went to the hotel - the wedding, took place in a small village called Viarmes, charming lil traditionnal village, our hotel was about 15 kms from it by a golf. - where despite Anne's help I still could not get the dress shut until I litterally cursed to god and life itself and it shut, god must exist somewhere haha. So all was well in that aspect:) (but now my friends will know me as the girl who insults her clothes.) Wedding itself and the coktail and dinner that folllowed were great, rather moving and I felt proud for T and O and happy for them, I was fairly moved too as I was their witness with B, when we went to sign the books. FX and me umm well I need to discuss about this with him more in detail when we'll have time to, it was surprising.

The setting the next morning is, T and O, T's family, me B FX and A + one of O's witness C, + some of her family all had spent the night in the same hotel. T and me go way back because our parents were neighbors so I must have known him since I was 12 or so. So at any rate his parents still view me as the little neighbor which, causes his mother to be the damnest most annoying bugger ever at times - but she also has a renowned ability to point out loud things she'd better shut up about if she thought twice, lol. so I was rather tense about seeing her again with no reason as she was perfectly nice. The next morning it was rather surrealist to be around all these people for the breakfast but nice, we hung around a rather long while and didn't start driving back till after noon, and even then wandered around to stop and have a coffee by Enghien.

It would be totally uninteresting if it wasn't for what happened when we were about 250 meters from where I live.

So: We were stopped at a red light on the left lane (two ways lane) and chatting, laughing and at one point one of us says "ouh lÃ" or "attention", we heard some brakes screech loudly and very briefly immediately followed by an huge crash and as we looked on the left litterally saw a car fly, could not say what way it was going precisely becasue it was too short, but it must have been from the right to the left as it ended up in the sidewalk on the left (this being on OUR side of the road, that's where we were oriented). freaking scary even if it was too short to realize what happened, i'm still surprised it did not crash right in B's car..

We stayed stunned a few seconds and then moved, i called the 15 (equivalent of your 911 for all americans) and managed to tell them where to go and whath appened even if i was really in a shock, while B and A went to see how the driver was doing. The car was upside down and the habitacle, litterally busted, but the lucky bastard was ok, mostly because of his airbag, all he suffered from is a wound on his arm.. the wheels were so weirdly angled it was crazy to see it and there were painting and screech marks everywhere where the car slid on the sidewalk.. rather scary to see that. And the other driver was ok, with just a broken retro.
We had to wait the cops to deposit what we've seen, so B and me are witnesses again.. we might have to do it again this week if they call us. Yay. I preferred the first time :P And I feel scared by the mere idea of going into a car again! which I already had to do anyway since when we could leave it was in his car lol.

*hahs and returns to job hunting, studies and other fun things*

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